[council] RE: Letter to GAC and ccNSO re Consumer metrics

Rosemary Sinclair rosemary.sinclair at unsw.edu.au
Wed Aug 3 04:19:59 UTC 2011

Hi Stephane

Happy to get all the input you suggest.

The Councillors involved in our work are myself, Wendy, Debbie, Carlos and John Berard. ALAC is already contributing to the work and there are a number of other volunteers mainly from CSG. 

The group sees itself as a community wide discussion group at present

We are aware that we are working together ahead of the GNSO Council motion/decision on CCW or GNSO sponsored group but even if it's the latter I imagine we will want to be open to the wider ICANN community

We also recognise we are not part of a PDP process..we are working to develop a document which would go back to ACs and SOs to help their consideration of advice back to the ICANN Board. That would be another process....



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Hi Rosemary,

Thanks for your request. I am copying the Council on my response because I think this is a discussion we should all be having.

Let me start by saying how much I appreciate your efforts as leader of the GNSO Council's Consumer metrics initiative. I'm sure all Councillors feel the same way.

What I am not sure of, however, is that all would feel comfortable with me sending the letter you have drafted as-is. My understanding is that we as a Council have yet to determine whether we are comfortable with moving this ahead as a cross-community effort.

My own personal view is that the letter as drafted could be misconstrued as a call for cross-community work. I am not saying whether this is a good or bad thing, but as there has been considerable debate on this over the past few months, I would not feel comfortable in sending such a letter in my capacity as Chair unless I know the Council supports that move.

So may I ask for comments on the proposed letter? Is everyone OK with me sending it as-is?



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