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FYI: details of additional resources being directed at the JAS WG.



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> Objet: Joint Applicant Support Working Group additional support staff

> Dear JAS WG Co-Chairs,
> After having spoken to Rod Beckstrom and an exchange of emails with Kurt
> Pritz, I am pleased to be able to inform you of additional staff members
> who will join the JAS WG support team in order to somehow ease the
> pressure on the current staff and volunteers. Whilst I am well aware
> that the concept of "man-days" does not always apply, I believe that the
> additional staff members bring the skills and experience to the JAS
> table which the writing Team should be able to exploit immediately,
> especially given the extremely short deadlines which the WG is faced with.
> I therefore resort to both of you, Carlton and Rafik, to incorporate the
> new arrivals to the JAS WG as soon as possible, whether by integrating
> them on the WG calls, the WG post-calls, etc.
> First, Rob Hoggarth from Policy Development Support will pick up
> drafting for the final report. Karen Lentz will provide editing
> assistance. Dan Halloran will join the team to identify and take back
> legal issues that arise. In making these selections, Rod and Kurt tried
> to find those individuals that would best ensure the success of the
> group and I am grateful for them taking the time to study this
> carefully. In addition, Lynn Lipinski from the ICANN communications
> staff will remain on the staff support team and undertake the writing of
> public information about the process as previously agreed. Karla and
> Seth will also continue to support the team in their current roles.
> These additions are effective immediately and we expect to see a
> beneficial effect right away. I gather that current staff for the WG can
> integrate newcomers ASAP and trust that this will give a bit more oxygen
> to the current WG members to breathe once in a while.
> In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything else that the
> ALAC can do to help to catalyse the production of the JAS Final Report.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier Crepin-Leblond
> ALAC Chair
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