[council] How Should We Raise Global Awareness of New gTLDs?

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How Should We Raise Global Awareness of New gTLDs?
Engage the ICANN Community.

17 August 2011

As part of the launch of the new gTLD program, ICANN's Board of Directors mandated a communications campaign of "at least four months" to raise global awareness. Leveraging the ICANN community is a component of the draft plan to achieve that.

In order to make the most of our global community's knowledge and networking capabilities, we are preparing multilingual materials that community members can use to raise awareness of new gTLDs. These will be available online with the launch of the new gTLD web site in September 2011.

We would also like to ask community members to recommend events and opportunities to raise awareness of new gTLDs. Please send all recommendations to Natalie Schoer (natalie.schoer at icann.org<mailto:natalie.schoer at icann.org>), ideally at least one month in advance of the potential event, and include the following information: event date, time, location, information on sponsoring organization, expected audience and a link to the organizers' website. A calendar of events will be posted online.

Due to limited resources we cannot promise that we will participate in every event, but we will consider it against the following established criteria:

 *   Audience composition. Does the event reach beyond the audience ICANN typically communicates to? Does the event reach the audience targeted in the draft communications plan, in large enough numbers to justify sending a spokesperson? Are audience members influential and able to help spread the word further?
 *   Partnership opportunities. Are there other organizations that we could partner with to get the most benefit from the event?
 *   Quality and visibility of the speaking opportunity. Is it a keynote address or other high visibility slot? Is the event professionally run and promoted?
 *   Media potential. Will top-tier press be at the event or available to attend a press conference or one-on-one interviews?
 *   Options for marketing exposure. Do the event coordinators offer opportunities to promote awareness of new gTLDs beyond the speaking slot?
 *   Sponsors. Who are the sponsoring organizations at the event?
 *   Proximity of other events. Are there other events in the region that we may be able to take part in while we are in the area?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and assistance in helping us raise global awareness of new gTLDs.

Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat

gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org


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