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> De : Kurt Pritz <kurt.pritz at icann.org>
> Objet : [soac-discussion] Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey
> Date : 30 novembre 2011 19:47:27 HNEC
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> Dear Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee:
> Consistent with the spirit of the Affirmation of Commitments and in response to community requests, ICANN has developed a Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey to obtain the community’s perceptions of the Performance Effectiveness in ten service categories supported by ICANN.  We invite you and members of your community to take a few minutes to assist us in this initial effort to start tracking the level of satisfaction with various services provided by ICANN and the certain activities undertaken by ICANN.  The service categories we are tracking in this survey include:
> DNS Policy Development
> DNS Policy Implementation Services
> Contractual Compliance
> DNS Stability & Security
> IANA Operations
> Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee Support
> Communications
> Public Meetings
> Strategic Planning
> Leadership
> A link to the survey can be found at - http://ICANN-SS-2011.questionpro.com/.
> We ask that you circulate the survey link to members of your organization. The survey will also be made available to the broader Internet Community as well.
> The survey is designed to create an initial baseline of general ICANN stakeholder satisfaction that can be used to develop improvements and compare against future results.  We plan to refine the process over time, gather data about additional services, and focus more closely on specific services or projects in future surveys. If you have comments to the survey itself, please make them in the comment box on the last page that is reserve for overall comments.
> This initial survey will close 31 December 2011 at 12:00 UTC.  An ICANN Survey Administrator (an external contractor) will collect and tabulate the results in January 2012. This timetable will support the plan to conduct a public review session of survey results in Costa Rica. A process for follow-up actions and a subsequent survey will then be started.
> The survey results will be used to identify improvement areas in the organization's services capability and delivery. We intend to share summary reports with the entire ICANN stakeholder community and opportunities for additional community comments will be created before any improvement actions are formalized and implemented. Identity of respondents will not be published.
> We appreciate your cooperation in passing on this first Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and hope that many will participate.
> Best regards,
> Kurt 
> Kurt Pritz

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