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FYI. And on a side note, a very merry Xmas to all of you, and to all our excellent staff support people. It's been an absolute joy working with you all this past year. I look forward to doing so in 2012.

All the best everyone.


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> De : Kurt Pritz <kurt.pritz at icann.org>
> Objet : [soac-discussion] ICANN Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey
> Date : 22 décembre 2011 21:03:12 HNEC
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> Cc : David Olive <david.olive at icann.org>, Jamie Hedlund <jamie.hedlund at icann.org>, Akram Atallah <akram.atallah at icann.org>
> Dear ICANN Leader:
> Thank you for communicating the availability of the ICANN Stakeholder
> Satisfaction Survey to your community earlier this month. We are starting
> to get good general response from community members but ask that you to
> send out a reminder and encourage all members of your community to review
> and complete the survey document.
> Thus far, nearly 350 community members have viewed the survey, but only
> about 10% of those viewers have followed through and completed the
> document.  Most constituencies / stakeholder groups have furnished at
> least one response, but some have not ­ our goal is to see broad
> participation from all constituencies and stakeholder groups. I think that
> this is a valuable opportunity to comment for all stakeholders. Even if
> the form or content might not suit some of the initial readers, all should
> participate. We seek to improve ICANN and, importantly, we also seek to
> demonstrate the vibrancy of the bottom-up policy making community by
> strong participation in this survey.
> Please remind members of your community that the survey link at
> http://ICANN-SS-2011.questionpro.com/ will remain open through 3 January
> 2012.  Personal encouragement you can offer to increase survey completion
> would be most appreciated.
> To reiterate just a bit, the survey is designed to create an initial
> baseline of general ICANN stakeholder satisfaction that we can then use to
> compare against future results. The more community feedback we get on this
> initial survey, the more informative and statistically reliable the
> feedback will be and the more responsive we can be to any particular areas
> of community
> concern.
> Thanks very much for helping promote this effort.  We hope that many
> members of your community will participate.
> Please accept my best wishes for a joyful, relaxed holiday season.
> Best regards,
> Kurt Pritz

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