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I agree, since SGs are a GNSO construct and so while it may be useful
for the other SOs to each send a rep, for us having SG reps may be more


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Subject: [council] Re: [soac-discussion] Form a Focus Group to Provide
Feedback on Proposed Public Comment Constructs  

Further to this, in so far as each GNSO SG wants to put a candidate
forward, it may not be necessary for the Council to also put one
forward. But that is of course open to discussion. Thoughts anyone?


Le 1 juil. 2011 à 09:50, Stéphane Van Gelder a écrit :

Councillors, FYI.


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Objet : [soac-discussion] Form a Focus Group to Provide Feedback on
Proposed Public Comment Constructs 

Dear Community Leaders,

I communicated to you in Singapore that we would like to receive your
support in forming a Focus Group to provide some initial feedback on two
specific Public Comment implementation proposals relating to ATRT
Recommendations 15, 16 and 17.   
This email is intended to provide additional details to help you in
identifying individuals to participate in this activity.  
Purpose:  To help ICANN Staff assess the usability and viability of
certain implementation constructs related to the Public Comment process
as recommended by the ATRT. 
Team Members: We would prefer to keep the Focus Group relatively small
and are therefore requesting one representative from of each ICANN SO,
AC or SG.  
Methodology:  Due to the challenges in scheduling telephone
calls/meetings and considering the nature of the topics/questions, our
plan is that the group will interact and collaborate via a dedicated
space within ICANN's Confluence Wiki environment.  Details (e.g., links,
login information) will be sent to the volunteers separately.  At this
time, no meetings are planned. 
Duration:  We anticipate that the feedback period will last one month
from 20 July through 19 August at which point the dedicated Wiki space
will be closed.  
Content: ICANN Staff will outline two current proposals to the Focus
Group and collect initial feedback (via the Wiki).  The two specific
topics that the Focus Group's will be asked to provide feedback are:
Topic 1:  Stratification/Prioritization of Public Comments
Topic 2. Comment/Reply Structure for Public Comments
Scope: The Focus Group will be asked specific questions concerning the
topics listed above and feedback/responses will be collected via the
Wiki. The ATRT Recommendations have been reviewed by the ICANN Community
and approved by the ICANN Board; therefore, the Focus Group will not be
asked to validate the ATRT Recommendations themselves.
Outcomes:  The Wiki collaboration and discussion threads will be used
by Staff to inform its planning concerning the implementation topics
listed above. Staff does not plan to issue any written reports or
summaries of the Focus Group's deliberations; however, the Wiki may be
opened for public read access once the work is completed.  Elements of
the feedback may be incorporated into a formal Public Comment
solicitation that will deal with these same topics circa September 2011.
I hope you find the above information helpful in identifying and
selecting candidates to help with this feedback process.
We hope to hear back from you with one volunteer contact detail from
your group latest by 13 July 2011, in order to start the activity as
outlined above.
Kind regards, 
Filiz Yilmaz

Sr Dir Participation and Engagement

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