[council] Council meeting; motions

Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
Thu Jul 21 10:36:13 UTC 2011

Please note Wolf that this email cannot be considered as your vote for these motions. You need to have your SG send in a proxy form if that is your intent.



Le 21 juil. 2011 à 11:18, <KnobenW at telekom.de> <KnobenW at telekom.de> a écrit :

> In case I cannot attend some of the agenda topics (since I have to b reak for a certain time) I'd like to forward the following questions/comments in writing:
> Motion on IRTP(B): agreed
> Motion on JIG: agreed
> Motion on PEDNR:
>         Do the Resolveds cover all WG recommendations in the report, and if not, why? 
>         How shall the board deal with these rec's? E.g. the "Note" under (A) may cause uncertainty as to what extent special board consideration may be necessary.
>         But anyway: agreed
> Motion on PDP: agreed
> Kind regards 
> Wolf-Ulrich

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