[council] Motion for IRTP-B Final Report and Recommendations

Tim Ruiz tim at godaddy.com
Wed Jun 1 21:13:07 UTC 2011

A proposed motion for the final report and recommendations of the IRTP-B
WG is attached in both doc and txt formats.

Thanks to Marika for putting this together. I made a few edits because
my personal opinion is that recommendations 8 and 9 are not fully baked
yet. While I have faith in Staff's ability to do what is asked of it in
those two recommendations, I do not feel it is appropriate. There are
policy aspects of those two recommendations that are yet unaddressed.
Using an implementation plan to flesh them out is not appropriate or
fair to either the community or to Staff.

As Liaison to this WG I should have caught that sooner, but I am not
sure the WG would have gotten any further with them either way. As a
result I have left them mentioned in Resolve(D) but have not yet had
time to ocnsider how to frame them. 

In any event, the Council has not had opportunity to discuss the report
so voting on this motion during the meeting on the 9th is not practical.
The moton is being presented here to get it on the agenda for discussion
purposes only. I do believe we could be able to vote on it as early as

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