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Hi Mary,

I support Adrian's suggestion for our social dinner on Saturday. To be honest, although I understand your desire and Glen's desire to wait until the very last minute for Board confirmation, I think that considering they have not gotten back to us at this late stage, we can expect that there will be no dinner with them for us in Singapore.

Maybe you prefer to wait a few more days before setting our dinner plans in stone and that probably makes sense. But at this stage, I have to admit I am pessimistic.

If we don't hear anything by the end of the week, I plan to send Peter a message expressing the Council's disappointment at not even getting a response, let alone actually getting a positive response, from the Board on our dinner plans.

On a side note, the Council should be aware that I got a note from Heather yesterday evening suggesting that we cancel our meeting with the GAC for Singapore outright. Heather makes some positive suggestions for our meetings with the GAC at future ICANN meetings, but it is clear, as I indicated on this list a few days ago, that for Singapore the work on new gTLDs will once again severely disrupt the rest of the community's work.

I have not responded to Heather yet, as I only got the note last night, but wanted to give folks here a heads-up on what is likely to happen in Singapore.



Le 7 juin 2011 à 05:51, <Mary.Wong at law.unh.edu> a écrit :

> As co-organizer of the dinner with Glen, I'm happy to arrange for either Saturday or Sunday night - we are still waiting for the Board to confirm if, after our scheduled Saturday meeting with them, they will be available to have dinner with us that evening. Hopefully we will be able to confirm one way or the other by this week, but in the meantime if you prefer a Saturday evening dinner (in the event we don't do a Board dinner) please follow Adrian's lead and post your preference to the list,
> And while I'm on the subject - since much of Singapore cuisine revolves around seafood and meat - may I ask that you let me know if you have any dietary restrictions/preferences, whether for religious, health or just personal preference reasons?
> Thanks!
> Mary
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> Subject:	[council] Singapore Dinners
> All,
> Since we are unlikely to get Board time again at this meeting would it not make sense to have the GNSO Social Dinner on the Saturday night?
> We could use the time to further any of the days discussions and also to run through the agenda for the next day.
> I think we could make good use of the time.
> Thoughts?
> Adrian Kinderis

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