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What would have been the alternative "working environment"? Just an ALAC-WG?
I think the GNSO's participation was helpful and necessary.

Mary, could you pls. Update us with your 1st version? 

Kind regards


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Or that using a CWG when we do not have clear, agreed processes made progress on an issue where there was common commitment to doing "something" much more difficult for the WG members and the Council

Given that we now have a unanimous position supporting the group's work I think Mary's original proposal was very useful as it took the content out of play and left our ongoing discussion to focus on process management this case implementation proposals rather than policy proposals....

I'd support Mary's original version


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Adrian Kinderis

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And that a cwg or jwg may not have been the appropriate mechanism for the issue.

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Thanks Mary,

Would you be up for drafting a proposed statement, for the Council's consideration?


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In partial follow-up to Adrian's point about possible deliverables and courses of action, I'd offer the suggestion I made during today's discussion, viz., that the GNSO Council consider circulating a brief statement to the ICANN community, stating its support for the work being done by the JAS WG and reiterating the importance of the issues they are considering.

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RE: [council] Adrian's gameplan

I think adding "set and bind to the timelines" would be beneficial.  Or there will be always a workaround for "endless discussion".


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As I discussed in the Working Session today.

The four issues based on this discussion (as I see them);

-          Stephane speaking directly to the Board
-          Katim's email and the issues of the JAS WG
o   Processes within the Council
-          The future of Cross Community Working Groups
o   Publishing of reports etc
-          The optics of the GNSO Council and the promotion of its internal processes and representation
o   Multi stakeholder make up
o   Differing views/ differing

It would be best, I think, to try and get some deliverables and courses of action in order to promote resolution.

Adrian Kinderis

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