[council] Friendly Amendment to IRTP-B Motion

Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
Sun Jun 19 07:19:36 UTC 2011

Thanks Tim.

Glen, please update the motion to show the amendment on the wiki.

Please also update to show the thresholds for each resolve, to make it clearer for everyone when we come to vote on this on Wendesday.



Le 19 juin 2011 à 08:53, Tim Ruiz a écrit :

> Based on recent discussions with the Council, IRTP-B WG members, and
> Staff I would like to offer a friendly amendment to the IRTP-B motion
> made by me and seconded by Jonathan:
> That the third bullet in Resolve G, which reads:
> "Whether requirements should be in place for Registrars to send an FOA
> to the Registrant or Admin Contact."
> be deleted from the motion. The reason being that this issue is dealt
> with in Resolve A item 2.
> Tim

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