[council] JIG

Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
Mon Jun 20 06:44:53 UTC 2011


One of the action items we might want to take away from our meeting with the ccNSO today is a possible extension of the JIG's charter.

As discussed, the current charter has the group stopping its work once the DAG is finalized, which today's Board decision has effectively done.

But there are some issues the JIG would still like to address (IDN variants, universal acceptance of IDNs...).

The JIG is meeting today. Leslie Cowley, Chair of the ccNSO, and I had a quick talk with some JIG members after our joint meeting today and we asked that the group get back to both Councils telling us what issues they would like to look at and what timeframe they feel they need to do that.

Once we get that feedback, the suggestion that we would put to both Councils would then be to extend the JIG's charter accordingly.

The message we got from the JIG is that they feel the group is a great example of a CWG that works well and with balanced participation from both chartering organisations. So it may be a group that we want to look to as a kind of "show flat" for the way CWGs could work well, and hence we may want to extend their charter as requested.



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