[council] RE: IRTP-B Motion ammendment

Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Jun 21 10:17:31 UTC 2011

Further to my email below I'd like to suggest the following amendment;

Proposed amendment:

Delete resolved clause (F) and replace it with the following resolved clause:

Resolved (F), the GNSO Council will consider IRTP Part B Recommendation #3 concerning the request of an Issue Report on the requirement of 'thick' WHOIS for all incumbent gTLDs at its next meeting on 21 July.

Adrian Kinderis

From: Adrian Kinderis
Sent: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 5:29 PM
To: GNSO Council List
Subject: IRTP-B Motion ammendment


Much to Glen's displeasure I will soon be offering a friendly amendment to the IRTP-B Motion.

The Registrars had some good discussion today and we were unable to come to a common position on the complete motion.

I will send through my amended motion shortly but wanted to give you a head's up.


Adrian Kinderis

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