[council] Kieren's thoughts on Mikey's "resignation"

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This is clearly something we can discuss tomorrow.

As usual, we have not set an official agenda for our wrap-up so that we can look forward to some great discussion.



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> Unfortunately, that brings us back to the discussion we had after whatever meeting it was, when we ended up re-drafting motions during our public meeting, and that didn't go down well either - both seem opposite ends of the spectrum (too much open discussion versus too little?). Maybe we should discuss this during the wrap-up session tomorrow.
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> I think both Mikey and subsequently jumped the gun based on the debates over the weekend, which were just that....debates.
> To post an article like Kieren has could have the unintended affect of stifling open debate during our sessions. I for one prefer open debate, but not if some are going to take that out of context.
> We eventually got to the right place, but we needed to get there through debate and working through the issues. We should have been given the benefit of the doubt until we took final action.
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> Of course, it is a one sided story. The Council changed nothing in the
> report or recommendations. It only changed it's own motion. But, we all
> know that. Too bad Kieren didn't bother to get more facts before jumping
> the gun with his article. He used to be a bit more careful.
> Tim
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