[council] Draft message to the Board

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed May 11 00:14:52 UTC 2011

To be clear, the report initially went from Rafik 
to the ALAC and GNSO Chairs and to GNSO/ALAC 
staff only. A second copy in PDF format was sent 
to the same recipients (plus ALAC Executive Committee) by Carlton a bit later.

Neither of these versions had the cover page or 
Summary on it that you see in the final version 
that Stéphane forwarded to the GNSO. Those 
sections were added by Olivier to make it more 
presentable. The cover sheet says "This Report is 
submitted for consideration to the ICANN Board 
and ICANN community." and the Summary says "This 
report is submitted to the Board and is currently 
undergoing ALAC ratification." Both of those 
statements are accurate, as a report that was at 
that time coming from the ALAC.

To correct another misunderstanding, the report 
came to the ALAC and GNSO chairs at the same 
time. The ALAC had decided at its last meeting to 
submit it to the Board prior to review in order 
to make the document cut-off for the Board 
retreat, with the understanding that the ALAC 
*would* be reviewing it and commenting 
(potentially positively or negatively) well before the Board retreat.

The procedure was explained by e-mail from 
Olivier to Stéphane prior to taking place and 
this explanation was forwarded to the GNSO 
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