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Thanks Eric,

I'll forward it to the council list since there'll be a discussion about the JAS report Thursday this week. 

Kind regards

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> below you find the question from Wolf-Ulrich.
> 3.2 Financial need: How is the contribution of 45,000 $ calculated?
> Is this just 25% of the regular application fee?
No, and yes. It is the figure ICANN used in 2000 and 2004, and it is also
a quarter of the current application fee.

Assuming the Board approves some reduction in fee (and 50% is just such
a presumption), then if the applicants are capable of meeting 50% of that
cost, before external support, then the applicants need to be capble of
self-funding at the 2000-2004 level.

Ultimately, what fee reduction the Board directs, and what external cost
support exists, are controlling.


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