[council] Fwd: FY12 Operating Plan and Budget: Additional SO/AC/SG Requests

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Wed May 18 04:48:59 UTC 2011

Councillors, FYI.


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> Objet : FY12 Operating Plan and Budget: Additional SO/AC/SG Requests
> Today is posting day for the draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget…it is “in the queue” and will appear on the home page announcement later this afternoon; we look forward to your comments on this document which can be posted as usual on the ICANN public forum.
> Embedded in the draft FY12 document, as well as posted separately in the Summary and Analysis of the FY12 Framework, will be the resolutions to the SO/AC/SG Additional Requests.  We are providing that document ahead of the posting, as each of your constituency or stakeholder groups provided input, and we appreciated your engagement in this first time process.
> Please provide comments to the Additional Request resolutions to controller at icann.org
> Janice Lange
> On behalf of Juan Ojeda, ICANN Controller

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