[council] Motion to Request an Issue Report on the protection of names and acronyms of IGOs

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The motion is posted on the Wiki :
Thank you.
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Dear all,

Coincidentally, the NCSG was going to propose a motion very similar to the one Thomas has just proposed. Our proposed motion is the product of consensus between both constituencies of the NCSG (i.e. NCUC & NPOC). As I said, it is very similar to Thomas' and so it may well be more productive if Thomas and we discussed the issue with a view toward combining or amending his.
Due to the fact that all motions have to be in by today, however, and since it will be very difficult for the relevant office-holders from both NCUC and NPOC to convene to discuss this before COB today, I thought it best to submit the full text of NCSG's proposed motion for now (see below).

Thomas, let's find a time to discuss if possible. Thanks!

"Whereas the GNSO Council passed a resolution approving new protections for the first round of the new gTLD program as recommended by the GNSO's International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Red Cross/Red Crescent (RC) Drafting Team;

Whereas this resolution indicated that further discussions were required on associated policies relating to protections for certain international organizations at the second level;

Whereas comments have been received coincident with the motion that included requests from international governmental organizations requesting the same protective rights as those for the IOC/RCRC for the current and future rounds of the new gTLD program,

And whereas the development of criteria for the grant of protective rights for such organizations based on standards such as "international legal Ppersonality" was proposed at the ICANN meeting in San José, Costa Rica,

Now therefore be it resolved,

The GNSO Council requests an issue report to precede the possibility of a PDP that covers the following issues:

- Definition of the type of organizations that should receive special protection at the top and second level, including under a "international legal personality" test;
- Policies required to protect such organizations at the top and second level; and
- Whether such policies are within the bylaws and the defined powers of the GNSO."

Thanks and cheers

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[council] Motion to Request an Issue Report on the protection of names and acronyms of IGOs

Stéphane, all,
please find below a motion that I had already announced in Costa Rica.

Best regards,

Motion to Request an Issue Report on the protection of names and acronyms of IGOs

Whereas the ICANN Board has granted protection for the Red Cross and the IOC until the GNSO and GAC develop policy advice based on the global interest in its resolution of June 20, 2011 (2011.06.20.01);

Whereas a drafting team of the GNSO Council was established to look at additional top and second level protections for the IOC and the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement in the current round of new gTLDs in response to a GAC proposal based on the June 20, 2011 Board resolution;

Whereas the drafting team is limited to reviewing only top and second level protections for the IOC and Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement;

Whereas the GNSO Council and the GAC were asked in the letter dated March 11, 2012 by the ICANN Board to provide policy advice in response to a letter dated December 13, 2011 from intergovernmental Organizations on the protection of additional International Governmental Organization (IGO) names and acronyms both on the top and second level;

Whereas it is possible that more organizations might request special protection both at the top as well as at the second level for the first and subsequent rounds of applications for generic TLDs.


Resolved, the GNSO Council requests an Issue Report on protection of names and acronyms of IGOs at the top and second level for all new gTLDs.

Thomas Rickert, Attorney at Law

Managing Partner, Schollmeyer & Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Director Names & Numbers, eco Association of the German Internet Industry

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