[council] Draft Agenda GNSO Council meeting on 16 February 2012 at 15:00

William Drake william.drake at uzh.ch
Wed Feb 8 08:13:35 UTC 2012


Thanks Glen.  One point:

> Item 5: Cross Community Working Group  Drafting Team (CCWG DT) (10 minutes)
As with outreach, NCSG would prefer to defer this to a F2F in San Jose so that we could probe a little deeper together and benefit from hearing the views of any affected parties in the room before voting on how we might best interface with them.  I recognize that'd be a double deferral but we've already done the same with outreach, and Wolf-Ulrich had included it on the tentative SJ schedule he circulated a few weeks back.  Would there be a problem doing this?


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