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Thanks Stéphane,

I have to apologize for not being able to participate in the council call on 20 July. I'll provide for a proxy with whom I'll coordinate the action items from an ISPCP point of view.

Re WHOIS RT Final Report, since it was out for public comment, I think some SGs provided comments as well ACs (eg ALAC). As far as the board requested an SO statement this should come from the GNSO or the council on behalf. To my understandind this again would mean a condensed version of all comments provided by individual GNSO members and the different SGs/Cs. I wonder whether this is feasible.

Re GNSO review we should create a small group at first before we decide to ask the SCI for delay. I heard Wendy volunteering and would also join the group.

Re welcoming letter to Fadi I agree.

Re brain storming session in Toronto I also agree for doing this over the weekend, perhaps Saturday afternoon. The open ended discussion could then continued during the council dinner. If this is agreed I'll take it into consideration in preparing for the council sessions in Toronto - and for sure, Glenn will do so, too.

Best regards

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As a reminder, our next scheduled teleconference is on July 20th. In the meantime, there are several action items from Prague that I'd like us to stay mindful of.

I have written down the following from our Prague week:

Now that the .COM contract has been renewed, do we want to speed up the formation of a DT to draft a charter for the thick Whois PDP WG?

WHOIS RT Final Report
The Board has request input on this from the SOs and ACs by August 30th ( ).  How do we want to proceed?

GNSO Review
We have discussed two possible alternatives: drafting a request to the SIC to delay the review and creating a small group to look at this issue. What do we want to do?

Wrap-up and brain storming discussion
Do we want to start the ICANN meeting week with a similar, open ended discussion, as the one we have during the wrap-up on Thursday?

Welcome letter to incoming CEO
It was suggested during the wrap-up that I write to Fadi to welcome him on behalf of the Council. Please see below for a proposed note I have drafted. Please voice any opposition to me sending this draft by COB Wednesday July 4.

Dear Fadi,

On behalf of the GNSO Council, I would like to welcome you to ICANN.

Individual members of the GNSO and of the GNSO Council have said that they greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet with you informally in Prague. The GNSO Council as a whole looks forward to working with Akram Atallah as interim CEO over the next few months and with you as incoming CEO starting in October.

The GNSO Council fully appreciated how difficult the task of running an organization of ICANN's complexity is. It is precisely what makes ICANN's model great - the diversity of stakeholders and interests that are all given an equal voice within that model - that also makes it so challenging.

The GNSO Council remains fully committed to ICANN's bottom-up, multistakeholder model and is delighted to be able to work with you on strengthening it during your tenure as ICANN CEO.

Kind regards,

Stéphane Van Gelder
GNSO Council Chair

Lastly, I would draw your attention to the GAC Prague communiqué which Bruce sent to the Council list yesterday and which contains several pieces of advice to the Board that are either of relevance to work that the GNSO has been involved in, or topics that are also of interest to us.


Stéphane Van Gelder
Directeur Général / General manager
INDOM Group NBT France
Registry Relations and Strategy Director
Group NBT

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