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Not speaking for Bill here, but if we use some time during the weekend session for the brainstorming exercise, we will need to find time to discuss our other business.  Everyone wants to do reports to the GNSO during the weekend, plus we need to make sure we prepare for the ICANN Board, GAC and ccNSO sessions during the weekend.  Not sure we have time for everything if we spend the first few hours of the GNSO session brainstoring.

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Thanks Bill. I don't understand why you suggest that Fridays would need to be reinstated for us to be able to start our work weekend with an informal discussion session.

Could you please elaborate?


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Le 5 juil. 2012 à 07:24, William Drake a écrit :

On Jul 1, 2012, at 1:00 PM, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:

Wrap-up and brain storming discussion
Do we want to start the ICANN meeting week with a similar, open ended discussion, as the one we have during the wrap-up on Thursday?

As mentioned I think the insertion of some Barcamp/unconference-like time into the agenda would benefit ICANN generally, not just GNSO, although this would probably require reinstating at least Friday morning to allow the regular meetings to get done.  In the meanwhile though, yes starting the Council's week this way would be refreshing.


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