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Hi Jonathan,

The actual mechanics of the Council leadership elections are inscribed in the bylaws and cannot be changed by us. What we are doing here is making sure we have the timetable and methodology set down in a way that everyone is happy with.

So to your points. Point 1, each VC is nominated as each house sees fit (please refer to bylaws article 3.7: Each House (as described in Section 3.8 of this Article) shall select a Vice-Chair, who will be a Vice-Chair of the whole of the GNSO Council, for a term the GNSO Council specifies, but not longer than one year.).

For your point 2, please also refer to the same article 3.7: In the event that the GNSO Council has not elected a GNSO Chair by the end of the previous Chair's term, the Vice-Chairs will serve as Interim GNSO Co-Chairs until a successful election can be held.


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Le 17 juil. 2012 à 18:47, Jonathan Robinson a écrit :

> Hi Stephane and GNSO colleagues,
> A couple of other factors to consider:
> 1. Vice chairs will need to be elected (by each of the houses I believe) so
> I think we will need to ensure that a timetable is in place for that.
> 2. We should also consider the eventuality that a chair is not elected and
> perhaps be prepared for that in our planning.
> Regards,
> Jonathan
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> All,
> As discussed in Prague, please find attached the final proposed election
> procedure. As we need to get this started soon, I have prepared an agenda
> item to allow us to discuss and approve this procedure at our next
> teleconference.
> Thanks,

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