[council] RE: Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI)

Jen Wolfe jwolfe at wolfe-sbmc.com
Thu Nov 1 14:42:02 UTC 2012

Dear Wolf,

I'd be happy to volunteer to serve on the SCI.  I have a black belt in six sigma process improvement and love all things related to process so I'd be most happy to be a part of the committee.

With kindest regards,


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Dear all,

I hope those of you living at the East coast haven't been harmed by hurricane Sandy. It makes me stunned to see the vastness of this catastrophe even more since I've visited DC and New York just before the Toronto meeting. Hopefully all being affected can return to normal life very soon.

Looking ahead to the coming SCI activities I'd like to ask for nomination of one of our NCA's as future SCI member since Carlos Aguirre - so far SCI member - has left the council. Perhaps the three NCA's (Jennifer, Thomas and Lanre) could seek out among themselves the representation and let us know about.

Some of the upcoming SCI activities are:
- election of chair and vice chair
- Working Group survey
- potential revision of the council chair election process

Best regards

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