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We should not wait until December to send this letter. It could be done immediately to underline the GNSO request of 4 seats as well as the willing to fill them.

According to the RFA the applications shall be published and forwarded to the AC/SO the applicant has expressed her/his affiliation to.

Council members should be encouraged to refer to their respective SG to ensure filling the slots.

Best regards

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Thanks All,

I have accepted all previous amendments and made a couple of other minor tweaks.

Wolf, please confirm when you are expecting that I will send this letter on behalf of the Council?

I expect that it pre December 20th and if so this will need to be finalised as soon as possible and on list.


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Me too.
Osvaldo Novoa

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I support the current draft.

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I'm fine with this. Indeed, the endorsement process was approved through a council motion.

Best regards

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Wolf and Maria,

Thank-you to Wolf for preparing and Maria for developing.  I have attempted to further refine the letter and trust that I have not misunderstood anything.

Please could you and fellow councillors check and contribute if you feel inclined to do so that we can move on to finalise this letter.


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Dear Wolf,

I don't have anything substantive to add, but in the spirit of helpfulness have had a crack at polishing the English phrasing.

All the best, Maria

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following the discussion at the council meeting I've drafted the letter to ICANN board and GAC chair (see attached).

Please comment as well as help to polish the English phrasing.

Best regards

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