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Petter Rindforth petter.rindforth at fenixlegal.eu
Thu Nov 22 13:28:26 UTC 2012

So, when can we expect ”the further updates” from Olof?
/ Petter
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On 22 nov 2012 11:43 "Jonathan Robinson" <jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com>
> All,
> Please see below with an update on the URS from Olof.
> Jonathan
> From:Olof Nordling [mailto:olof.nordling at icann.org]
> Sent: 22 November 2012 10:26
> To: Jonathan Robinson (jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com)
> Subject: URS update
> Dear Jonathan,
> The deadline for responses to the URS RFI has passed and I’m happy to
> inform you that we have received several responses which we are now
> evaluating. Moreover, my first impression is that the situation looks
> quite promising, both in terms of adherence to the URS text and
> regarding the target fee. This also means that there is less of an
> urgency than I previously thought  to convene a drafting team (and I’m
> glad to have been proven wrong in that regard!). There may still be
> details where such a drafting team can provide useful guidance and I
> will get back to you with further updates on this and other URS
> matters as we advance with the evaluations.
> Very best regards
> Olof
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