[council] IRD report-- follow up actions

Ching Chiao [Registry.Asia] chiao at REGISTRY.ASIA
Fri Oct 5 02:35:01 UTC 2012

Dear Stéphane, Councilors,

I'd like to have your attention on the possible follow-up action items for

In the co-signed GNSO-SSAC letter sent to the Board last month, we have
mentioned that

"*requesting the (IRD) implementation plan time-lines and clarifying that
any policy implications in implementing the recommendations will have to be
considered by the GNSO Council*".

As we are expecting the Board / Staff to provide time-lines, as well as to
receive the regular updates from the Staff on the technical front (refer to
recommendation 1 -- IRD submission and display AND 3 -- IRD access
protocol). It is my belief that the Council can work in parallel and
initiate the work on preparing the issue report for recommendation 2:


2.  The GNSO Council and the SSAC should request a common Issue Report on
translation and transliteration of contact information. The Issue Report
should consider whether it is desirable to translate contact information to
a single common language or transliterate contact information to a single
common script. It should also consider who should bear the burden and who
is in the best position to address these issues. The Issue Report should
consider policy questions raised in the IRD-WG Final Report and should also
recommend whether to start a policy development process (PDP) to address
those questions. "

The RySG has agreed such approach and I am expecting further feedback from
the RrSG as well. From an operational viewpoint, translation and/or
transliteration of registration data does require clear responsibilities
from registrants and registrars. As the Toronto meeting approaches, I feel
that it's rather important to address this issue timely not only the ground
works has been done for few years, but the result of the work should offer
complete clarity for IDN gTLD.

If you all agree, we would then ask the corresponding staff to prepare:

1) IRD technical update

2) Resolution of issue report on Rec. 2

for the Toronto meeting.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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