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Maybe we could invite Olof Nordling who is supposed to be the contact person for this application round.


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Once again on the same page as Wolf. What I was suggesting was that we go through the process during the weekend sessions in Toronto so that everyone is familiar with it.

Don't forget we will have a spate of incoming Councillors in Toronto, on top of those Councillors already serving but who were not yet on the Council when we last used this process. So I think it would be useful to go over it and make sure we have a chance to discuss any issues or answer any questions.

Marika, perhaps a presentation from you on the process to introduce this topic?


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Le 4 oct. 2012 à 12:18, <KnobenW at<mailto:KnobenW at>> a écrit :

No Bill, that wasn't my intention.
If we have an agreed process - and from Marika's hint I guess there is one - then we should just look at it if it fits for this round and then go ahead.
Nothing to reinvent!

Best regards

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Stéphane, are you suggesting we should not follow the procedure we agreed for the first ATRT?  We spent a hell of a lot of cycles on that and came by attrition to what seemed like the only model that was politically acceptable to all four SGs.  What would be the case for reinventing it, are there problems with it, and solutions you think would be more acceptable to all than what we've done?



On Oct 4, 2012, at 11:43 AM, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:

I agree with Wolf.

This process needs to be done right. Wolf, can we pick this up as a lead topic for the weekend brainstorming session, or give it a topic of its own?



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I think this process has to be carefully thought about on council level. I remember longlasting discussions during the selection of ATRT 1 members. We should clearly know how many GNSO nominees shall be admitted.
It could be an item for the weekend sessions.

Best regards

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Councillors, FYI.

This will need to be picked up by the new Leadership team post Toronto.


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Dear SO/AC Chairs,

As prescribed by the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC), ICANN is to organize a review of its accountability and transparency commitments no less frequently than every three years. For full information, please refer to section 9.1 of the Affirmation of Commitments

In terms of Review Team composition, the AoC stipulates that: The review will be performed by volunteer community members [...], and will include the following (or their designated nominees): the Chair of the GAC, the Chair of the Board of ICANN, the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information of the DOC, representatives of the relevant ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations and independent experts. Composition of the review team will be agreed jointly by the Selectors: the Chair of the GAC (in consultation with GAC members) and the Chair of the Board of ICANN.

The first ATRT was launched in early 2010 and delivered its final report on 31 December 2010. For further information, refer to:

Please note that in accordance with the AoC timeframe, the release of the Call for Applicants for the second Accountability & Transparency Review Team (ATRT 2) is imminent.

The Call for Applicants invites interested individuals to apply for a position of Volunteer Review Team Member, in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee, and/or for a position of Independent Expert on the second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT 2). Details on the mandate, missions, desired skill set and application process will be included in the Call for Applicants.

Applications received for a position of SO/AC representative on the ATRT 2 will be forwarded to the Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee identified by the candidate for endorsement. Should your SO/AC require additional information from applicants to reach your decision on endorsement, please inform Staff as soon as you can so that it may be included in the process. SO/AC endorsement will be factored into the selection of the ATRT 2 Members.

The Call for Applicants also solicits independent experts to serve on the ATRT 2. Candidates will be considered and appointed by Selectors.

Given SO/ACs' key role in the application process, Staff would like to share the following schedule with you:

 *   5 October 2012 - Publication of the Call for Applicants for the position of Volunteer Review team Member and Independent Expert
 *   5 December 2012 - Deadline to submit applications
 *   17 December 2012 - SO/ACs reveal the names of endorsed candidates
 *   7 January 2013 - Selectors announce the composition of the Review Team
 *   Week of 21 January 2013 - Kick-off meeting

Please kindly note that should your SO/AC or constituency wish to discuss this process, Staff is prepared to join your sessions in Toronto or to attend conference calls depending on your availability to provide you with an outline of the application process. Should you have any immediate questions, please also feel free to email them to olof.nordling at<applewebdata://89A00B2B-7D06-4B7A-A9DF-845D440FFD11> and alice.jansen at<applewebdata://89A00B2B-7D06-4B7A-A9DF-845D440FFD11>


Very best regards

Olof Nordling & Alice Jansen


Alice Jansen
Organizational Reviews Manager
Rond Point Schuman 6,
1st floor
B-1040 Brussels
Mobile: +32 4 73 31 76 56
Skype: alice_jansen_icann
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