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Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
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I wanted to inform you of a discussion we had on the Leadership call today, about the upcoming Council elections and the NCA situation.

I am asking staff to query the general Counsel on the following. It is our (the Leadership team's) understanding that:

- Should an NCA be elected Council Chair, that person would serve as a non-voting Chair (see Council op procs).

- Should an NCA be running for the Chair election, that person is still eligible to vote until elected Chair (so in effect that person can vote in the Chair election).

- The 2012 NomCom has made an assignment for the position of non-voting (or homeless) NCA. This means that, Chair election not withstanding, Lanre remains assigned to the NCPH and Thomas to the CPH.

- Given the above, if Thomas is elected Chair, he would remain assigned to the CPH but would become non-voting, which in effect means the CPH looses one vote. So here I am asking the general Counsel whether, if Thomas is elected Chair, the NomCom would not have to reassign Jennifer to the CPH?

Staff, please ask JJ to provide an answer asap so that all of us are clear on the above going into our Toronto work weekend, where the Council will be talking to the Chair candidates and should therefore have the requested information.


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