[council] Q&A session with council chair candidates

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Wolf,  thanks for raise this important point.

If it is allow to me, I would like ask the candidates : How Much do you Know about bylaws and OP, and what is your compromise level to fulfill and make to respect rules of this legal bodies? 

And the second Q, is consecuently : Do you admit that rules are created in the past to be fulfilled and it is one part of charge to do this, even being in the present some rules useless or, out of time? 


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Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 01:15:25 +0200
Subject: [council] Q&A session with council chair candidates

for (late) preparation of this session it may be helpful to collect questions in advance. I'm asking you to put candidate questions to the list which could be used by the session leader for a structured Q&A session.
I'll ask the following:

How would you prioritize council workload in order to achieve working results in an effective way?How do you see a GNSO (council) role re outreach activities?How do you think the GNSO/council is represented best towards other ICANN bodies? 
Best regards
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