[council] Draft Letter from GNSO to Board re WHOIS RT Recommendations

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Oct 17 19:44:48 UTC 2012

Brian, and update on this?  Alan

At 16/10/2012 10:16 AM, Winterfeldt, Brian wrote:
>Dear Alan – thank you for your quick 
>feedback.  I will circulate a new draft shortly 
>and be sure to include the additional 
>information as promised earlier as 
>appendices.  I look forward to any additional feedback from the Council.
>Brian J. Winterfeldt
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>Subject: Re: [council] Draft Letter from GNSO to 
>Board re WHOIS RT Recommendations
>Brian, several comments:
>- does this imply that you will not be sending 
>any of the detailed breakdowns by SG/Const, 
>including the explanatory notes that
>- the use of the term SG is confusing, as it 
>normally stands for Stakeholder Group in the GNSO context.
>- Ignoring the possibly confusing abbreviation, 
>giving percentages of the SG without any 
>information about its constitution is not very informative.
>- the reference to the GNSO's 6 constituencies 
>is unclear, as the GNSO has (I think!) five 
>constituencies in two Stakeholder Groups, and 
>two Stakeholder Groups without constituencies.
>At 16/10/2012 01:46 AM, Winterfeldt, Brian wrote:
>Dear Councilors,
>As was discussed in Saturday’s session with 
>regard to the WHOIS RT work, attached please 
>find a draft letter to the ICANN Board detailing 
>our various constituencies’ recommendations as 
>to whether a PDP would be required for certain WHOIS enhancements.
>We appreciate your prompt attention to this 
>matter and look forward to hearing your views so 
>that we may move forward as soon as possible 
>with providing our communication to the Board.  Thank you.
>Best regards,
>Brian J. Winterfeldt
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