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Brian +1

Thanks again, Stéphane,


Am 18.10.2012 um 11:14 schrieb "Winterfeldt, Brian" <bwinterfeldt at steptoe.com>:

> Thank you Stéphane for all your hard work and leadership!  I really appreciate your service, as I know does the entire Council.
> Brian J. Winterfeldt  
> Partner
> bwinterfeldt at steptoe.com
> Steptoe
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> Hi Glen,
> For full transparency, I am copying the Council on this message, my last as an authorized subscriber to the Council list.
> As of today, please de-subscribe me from the Council list, the Council Leadership list and all GNSO WG or DT lists to which I am subscribed as an observer in my capacity as Chair.
> Please also inform the new Leadership team that they will have to seek a replacement for me in my position as Council Liaison to the ICANN Academy WG.
> Councillors, as my last official act as Chair, please find attached the GNSO Chair's report for Toronto.
> It has been a real pleasure working with you all, and I wish the new leadership team the best of luck.

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