[council] Action Items From Today's Meeting

Margie Milam Margie.Milam at icann.org
Thu Oct 18 19:17:52 UTC 2012

Dear All-

Here are the action items from today's wrap up session:

 *   URS - ICANN requested to get/provide cost breakdown from providers responding to RFI to Council;  Council to identify members of group to review URS when this information is provided; call for volunteers to be circulated shortly.
 *   WHOIS RT Final Report-   Staff & Brian Winterfeldt to prepare summary chart of submissions to the Public Comment on the substance of the Whois RT recommendations to be included with the other materials. Comments on the initial draft of the letter and chart indicating whether a PDP should be initiated on the recommendations or not are due by COB tomorrow (Friday 19 October)
 *   IGO PDP-  Staff to send call for volunteers, circulate draft charter, initiate first outreach steps requesting input from GNSO SG/C and ICANN SO/ACs, set up first meeting from the DT. Staff awaiting request from Council for legal analysis for the PDP on international law, but will begin internal work in anticipation of request
 *   IOC/RC Drafting Team- to communicate with GAC once the public comment has closed and its recommendations finalized
 *   Items not covered today to be pushed to next GNSO Council meeting
 *   Thomas Richert to replace SVG on the ICANN Academy WG
 *   Mason Cole to handle Beijing meeting schedules
 *   Volker Greimann to be liaison for WHOIS Thick WHOIS PDP
 *   Mason Cole to be liaison for the IGO Issue Report

Please let me know if I missed anything.

Best Regards,


Margie Milam
Senior Policy Counselor

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