[council] Your feedback requested - GNSO Council Development Session in Buenos Aires

Novoa, Osvaldo onovoa at antel.com.uy
Fri Aug 23 20:54:46 UTC 2013

Sorry for answering now, I am at the end of my holidays.
I think the Council Development Session is a very good idea and should be very useful, not only for the new councilors but also for the existing.
But I don't see the need to leave the hotel and embark in a one hour trip just to be secluded for the session, most of the participants of the meeting will have left by that time so the hotel shouldn't be too crowded and we could have a very leisurely meeting in the sesame hotel.
Best regards,

El 30/07/2013, a las 11:25, "Jonathan Robinson" <jrobinson at afilias.info<mailto:jrobinson at afilias.info>> escribió:

Thanks John,
The motivation is to get a break with the main meeting and create a new atmosphere in an attractive new environment.
Hopefully with windows!

On 30 Jul 2013 17:03, <john at crediblecontext.com<mailto:john at crediblecontext.com>> wrote:
Marika, et. al.,

I don't see the need to pack, unpack and repack for a one-night stand an hour from the hotel we will have been in all week, unless, of course, the trip puts us an hour closer to the airport.  Our meetings are mostly in dimly lighted, windowless, over air-conditioned or over-heated rooms anyway.

My two Argentine pesos.



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Subject: [council] Your feedback requested - GNSO Council Development Session in Buenos Aires
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Date: 7/30/13 4:50 am
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Dear All,

As Jonathan already mentioned in Durban, the GNSO Council has received funding under the FY14 Special Community Requests to organise a Council Development Session directly after the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires. The objective of this meeting is to allow for the Council, including those members newly seated in Buenos Aires, to get to know each other better, provide information on the functioning and operations of the GNSO Council and allow for planning for upcoming projects and activities, with the aim to further enhance the co-operation within and effectiveness of the GNSO Council.

We are currently working on the logistics as well as the programme for this meeting and plan to keep you up to date on a regular basis with regards to the details. For now, we would like to ask you to make sure to reserve Friday 22 November in your diaries for this meeting (with planned departure on Saturday 23 November). Furthermore, we would like your input on the logistics for Thursday evening / Friday morning and would like to ask you to respond to the following doodle poll: <http://www.doodle.com/uq77rvafpx3cthkb> http://www.doodle.com/uq77rvafpx3cthkb (in short, the question is whether people prefer to travel to the new venue, approx. 1 hour outside of Buenos Aires, on Thursday afternoon/evening or on Friday morning).

Thanks for your assistance,


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