[council] Action Items / Possible revision of the SCI Charter

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Sat Aug 24 11:45:57 UTC 2013



You will recall from Durban that there is discussion going on within the
Standing Committee on Improvements (SCI) regarding possible changes to the
charter of the SCI.


In order for the Council to be well-informed in any deliberations it may
undertake with respect to changes to the charter of the SCI, Jeff kindly
offered to provide some background information.


As I understand it, the key questions being considered are:


1.       Scope:
Whether the scope of the SCI's work should be limited to a review of the
procedures developed in the GNSO Implementations process, or whether the SCI
should also address other procedural issues not related to the improvements

2.       Duration:
Should the SCI be considered the last in the series of committees that arose
from the Board review and thus cease to exist when it has completed its
review of that work?  
Or should the SCI continue indefinitely, as an ongoing body that considers
procedural questions as raised by the GNSO Council or a group Chartered by
the Council?

3.       Decision making / Consensus:
What the threshold for recommendations of the SCI?  Full consensus (as is
currently the case) or a change to Standard WG Methodology for Making


Jeff, if possible, please could you provide that background information next
week i.e. ahead of the Council meeting the following week.


Thanks for your giving attention to this.




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