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Tue Dec 10 23:38:21 UTC 2013

The ccNSO Council meeting today (4 a.m. Pacific!) covered issues related to Internet Governance and cross-community working groups as well as an operational discussion that bears on the GNSO Council.  Here is a recap;
1.  As you might imagine, the members of the ccNSO are quite focused on the global debate over Internet governance.  In order to keep the cc's involved and up-to-date, the Council has appointed four liaisons to the four on-going Internet governance initiatives. 
+ Byron Holland (.ca and chair of the ccNSO Council) is the liaison to the Strategy Panel on Internet Governance.  He noted that there will be three meetings of the Panel prior to the Brazil chatauqua.  He described it as "loosely organized" and not yet fully formed in advance of the first meeting next week in London. 

+ Carolina Aguerre, general manager of LACTLD is the liaison to the group focused on supportinbg ICANN's role in that Brazil meeting. 

+ Keith Davidson of .nz is the liaison to cross-community working group that sprang up as a surprise in Buenos Aires. 

+ Mathieu Credou of Afnic is the link to /1net. 

 Note that the ccNSO has created an Internet governance mailing list.
2.  The ccNSO Council work on the use of country names as TLDs presents the possibility of a cross-community working group.  It is the Council's intention to distribute to other ASs and SOs a strawman of the work such a ccwg would undertake.  The goal is to empanel the working group by the time of the ICANN meeting in Singapore.  
3.  The Council is considering a change in its quorum and voting rules.  They live in a much more homogenous world than do we and so are looking at making a successful vote a majority of those who cast them, without regard to why someone would abstain. 
4.  As the GNSO Council liaison to the ccNSO Council, I have already suggested, because we meet at the same times during the three international meetings, that someone just off the Council be asked to fill the role.  This brings up a question of funding.  I think the position should be funded and a specific set of responsibilities attached.  I am just making this up as I go along. 
That is it for this report.
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