[council] NOT an ATRT2 comment -- but related -- remote participation through virtual worlds

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Wed Dec 11 12:41:10 UTC 2013

i agree, David.  

one of the best "crazy ideas" i ever saw at ICANN was Brett Faucett's project to set up an ICANN space in Second Life.  he had a beautiful "island" built that had all the typical facilities that we'd see at an ICANN meeting.  a great hall where we could all meet together, a bunch of smaller rooms for mid-size meetings, even smaller rooms for working meetings.  and, of course, a bar.  

sadly, he got shot out of the saddle (i can't remember why) and the project never really took off.

i would like to formally thank Brett for doing all that work.  i'd also like to publicly encourage him, or anybody else, to consider trying again.  our new management team is all about 21st century social-media and outreach.  well, virtual worlds is a big part of the 21st century internet, and they are where a lot of the people we're trying to reach hang out.  no…  please don't re-invent virtual worlds, or pay millions of dollars to build one.  but consider it.  especially consider them for doing work.  look to the academic community for experience and ideas.

wouldn't it be nice if:

-- we could have a "face to face" meeting at the drop of a hat, over this Internet thing which seems to be catching on?  without having to expend thousands of pounds of carbon, wasting endless hours sitting in uncomfortable places?

-- we had superb collaboration tools available

-- there was a menu of facilities available, ranging in size, capability, "structured-ness", etc.?

-- it was fun to go there and just hang out, meet new people, catch up with friends, organize ad-hoc groups, keep up on the news, etc.?

just sayin.  


On Dec 10, 2013, at 7:53 PM, David Cake <dave at difference.com.au> wrote:

> A great suggestion. 
> I know I'd be vastly more inclined to participate in F2F WG meetings if it meant a trip to Singapore (4 hours and same time zone) rather than LA or Washington (>24 hours travel time each way)
> David
> On 11 Dec 2013, at 6:06 am, Gomes, Chuck <cgomes at verisign.com> wrote:
>> I know it pretty late to suggest a new comment and I will understand if it is too late but the following suggestion was made regarding “13.1 on face to face meetings during GNSO PDPs”:
>> Each ICANN engagement center should have facilities to support videoconferencing and be able to support WG size teams.
>> Chuck

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