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Maria Farrell maria.farrell at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 16:53:17 UTC 2013

This sounds good to me, Mikey.

I'm just incorporating the other comments and suggestions so I'll put this
into the draft I circulate shortly and people can comment on it.

Thanks, m

On 11 December 2013 16:48, Mike O'Connor <mike at haven2.com> wrote:

> hi Maria,
> here's a late-breaking suggestion from the ISPCP (i'm not the lion, i just
> get to give the roar).
> how about this as an amplification of the introductory part of the letter?
> The GNSO Council thanks you for the outcome-oriented analysis and
> recommendations in the ATRT2 Draft Recommendations of 21 November, 2013.
> We particularly appreciated the thorough assessment of ICANN’s
> implementation of the Recommendations of the three prior AoC Review Teams:
> this process of self assessment, as defined by the AoC, is essential to
> continuously improve mechanisms for public input, accountability, and
> transparency and to ensure that ICANN’s decision-making is accountable to
> all stakeholders.
> We particularly also appreciate the time and care that went into these
> recommendations, the commissioning of useful research and,
> especially, the efforts made by the ATRT2 and its leadership to promote
> awareness and dialogue about the recommendations at the Buenos
> Aires meeting.
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