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First of all let me say that I didn't find your contributions clumsy and, even if I did, that would make me feel more at ease with my own clumsy interventions over the years.

Second, I don't think there is any reason why the GNSO via the Council could propose a webinar about the DSSA topic.  Before doing that though, I would suggest three things: 1) develop an outline of the purpose and content of the webinar; 2) make sure the timing is right in particular with regard to the Board efforts; 3) survey the community to determine if people would participate.


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hi all,

thanks for putting up with my somewhat clumsy handling of the DSSA motion on the call today.  shutting that WG down was pretty tough for me and my subconscious was hard at work trying to prevent me from shepherding that motion through.  thanks for putting up with my no-so-smooth treatment Avri.  i agree with your "with disappointment" caveat on your vote.

i wanted to follow up on one point that was raised.  i think it would be GREAT if the fabulous work that the WG did, and their suggestions as to a way forward, could get a little more "bandwidth" in the GNSO community.  is there a mechanism whereby i could sponsor a webinar about that?  or do something else?  i don't really know the rules of the road well enough to know how to proceed and would welcome ideas.



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