[council] FW: Letter from the GAC regarding IOC/RC Protections

Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
Fri Feb 1 18:21:28 UTC 2013



Please see attached for the final version of the letter sent to the GAC


It is the clean version of the letter provided by Brian yesterday with a
handful of non-material edits which I picked up on a final proof read.


Thanks to all who contributed.




From: Jonathan Robinson [mailto:jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com] 
Sent: 01 February 2013 18:19
To: 'GAC Secretariat'
Cc: 'Steve Crocker'; 'Fadi Chehade'; 'Heather Dryden'; 'Maria Häll';
'alice at apc.org'; 'Choon Sai LIM (IDA)'
Subject: RE: Letter from the GAC regarding IOC/RC Protections


Dear Heather,


Please see attached for a full response to your letter of 28 November 2012.


Best wishes,






Jonathan Robinson




jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com

skype: jonathan.m.r




From: GAC Secretariat [mailto:gacsec at gac.icann.org] 
Sent: 28 November 2012 21:38
To: jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
Cc: Steve Crocker; Fadi Chehade; Heather Dryden; Maria Häll; alice at apc.org;
Choon Sai LIM (IDA)
Subject: Letter from the GAC regarding IOC/RC Protections


Sent on behalf of Heather Dryden, GAC Chair 


Dear Jonathan, 


Attached please find a letter from the GAC regarding IOC and Red Cross/Red
Crescent protections. 


Best regards, 


Jeannie Ellers 


Jeannie Ellers
Manager, GAC Coordination
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
1101 New York Avenue NW, Suite 930

Washington, DC 20005
Ph. +1 202 570 7135
M. +1 310 302 7552

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