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Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
Mon Feb 4 11:44:14 UTC 2013



One of the outcomes of the GNSO Council Operations and Organisation Meeting
last month 23 January 2013 was an agreement to produce and maintain an
Actions Items record.


The link to the Action Items list is here:




It represents a record of current activity and commitments by GNSO
Councillors and related ICANN Staff.  It is distinct from the more
comprehensive record of projects, the so-called "Pending Projects List".

In fact we may well do some more work to streamline that - perhaps by simply
calling it the Projects List!


Please can you all refer to the Action Items record.  Hopefully you will
find it a useful reminder of any commitments you, your colleagues or staff
have made.  Also, you should be able to update it.

So, to the extent that there is an Action Item that you have been working
on, you will be able to dynamically provide updates.

As ever, any other inputs or constructive comments most welcome.









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