[council] Request to GNSO on "closed generic" strings.

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Feb 6 03:51:42 UTC 2013

Note the March 7 close of this comment period (and apparently no 
reply period) when GNSO input is requested. Alan

At 05/02/2013 09:17 PM, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>PS, I somehow missed some text below:
>Resolved (2013.02.02.NG02), the New gTLD Program Committee directs 
>the President and CEO to, concurrently with the opening of the 
>public comment forum, request the GNSO to provide guidance on the 
>issue of "closed generic" TLDs if the GNSO wishes to provide such 
>guidance.   Guidance on this issue is requested to be provided by 
>the close of the public comment forum.
>Bruce Tonkin

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