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I agree that meeting with the ccNSO and the GAC ought to be regular features, but it falls to us, I think, to offer an agenda that is compelling.  This is not always as easy as it sounds as some of what collaborative interests the GNSO sees are not always seen by our counterparts.

With regard to the ccNSO, at the least, the impending new gTLDs will/should have significant market effect on registrants who don't make the same distinctions we do between g and cc names.  What do we think will happen and how will we respond?  Note that I am on my first ccNSO Council call next week as liaison.  I may hear something that prompts another suggestion.

With regard to the GAC, I would be interested in hearing about any national initiatives that might affect the global internet (e.g., the emerging EU privacy directive).  It is clear, though, that the ICO/Red Cross/NGO name protection will cast a shadow over all.



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Many of you will recall that, pre-Toronto, we held regular meetings with both the GAC & the ccNSO at the ICANN meetings.
These meetings were scheduled in advance and then we typically discussed or developed topics during the weekend sessions.

In my opinion the meetings were not always that successful for a variety of reasons, one of which could be that we were not necessarily adequately prepared or engaged, or vice cersa
In anticipation of meeting one or both of the GAC & the ccNSO in Beijing, we have reached out to them relatively early.

The initial question from the ccNSO has been, tell us what you’d like to discuss / meet about and then we can agree whether or not to meet.
I am certain that the GAC will also seek to discuss and agree some topics at least if we are to meet with them.

Personally, I was disappointed not to meet with the GAC in Toronto and feel that it is important to us to do so.

Therefore the following questions arise:

1.       Do you support an initiative to meet with the ccNSO in Beijing?
2.       If yes, please try to assist with any suggested topics or issues to discuss and potentially collaborate on?

3.       Do you support an initiative to meet with the GAC in Beijing?
4.       If yes, please try to assist with any suggested topics or issues to discuss and potentially collaborate on?

I look forward to hearing back from you on this as will Mason in terms of his planning for the Beijing meeting.




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