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Rather than working off of one statement Fadi made in Amsterdam and another statement he made in LA, can we get for tomorrow's meeting of the Council a definitive statement from ICANN as to where the "Strawman" actually is, what are the next proposed steps, and frankly where we are with the full implementation.  I note that we are pretty much half way through this month and the final statement of work with the providers of the Clearinghouse is still expected to be completed this month (according to the latest webinar in which icann indicated they are on target for completing this in February).  That being the case, logic would dictate that if icann is indeed on schedule, then the final solution must already be known.  Therefore, before we engage in a seemingly endless discussion hypothesizing about statements made in different parts of the world, perhaps we can get a definitive statement directly from the source.


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All, it may be worth noting that Fadi in his meeting with the NCPH in LA further clarified the comments made in Amsterdam as follows:

One is to clarify a comment I made in Amsterdam on Friday - after Davos I stopped in Amsterdam and the press and some other people carried my comment and extrapolated it in ways that were not true. So I don't have time to go fix it with the public but you are who matters so I'm just going to explain it. I did say publicly that I believed the way the trademark clearinghouse activities happened, I have made a mistake. And people construed that to mean I felt the whole thing was a mistake and we shouldn't of done it and, you know, this - let me clarify. I think as I have told you and I told some of you in person, I'm new to this process, (understand) that I'm new to this process and that I have learned - a lot to learn and I still have a lot to learn. It will be awhile before I fully appreciate the world I'm in now. 

And as such, what I explained is that the way I went about solving what I thought was an issue in Toronto and I needed to do something about it and I still believe is an issue, I don't believe that the claims or the things that you brought to my attention, you know, are not right. Quite the opposite, I think they're very right, that's why I engaged, that's why I jumped on it. The mistake I did is that I did not fully appreciate the process and understand how the process should work. And some people got very upset with me and I have now a complaint with the (best) person who's spending two hours with me this afternoon with the complainant to discuss with and that's fine. That's the process and I respect it deeply and I'll be there for it but I am not at all saying and will not say and in fact I'm in vehement agreement with many of you in this room that we do have some issues and they have to be solved. If we are a responsible industry we have to face these issues and deal with them. 

If I made a mistake (in how) that's fine, I'll fix that and get on with how, but I am not shying away from the importance of the matters you brought to my attention and that I still believe need to be addressed. 

(see https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/39421288/transcript+CSG+-+CEO+29+Jan+2013.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1359562587000).

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I think Fadi has made it very clear during the meeting in Amsterdam that he has now understood the BC and IPC requests that led to the strawman as a second bite of the apple, as he called it. The proposed contents of the strawman would certainly constitute an expansion of the rights of a trademark holder in the domain world. I therefore support sending the draft letter as is.

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	Did I not suggest the "expansion of rights" language is a bit over the top?


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		Council colleagues --
		As you know, Fadi requested of the council its input regarding the strawman proposal resulting from the BC's and IPC's request for additional RPMs in new gTLDs. On December 27, I circulated an early draft of a council reply.
		The communication is due very shortly, and has been taken up by a small group within the council to ensure that all points of view are represented. Because this is an agenda item for our meeting this week, at Maria Farrell's helpful suggestion, I'm sending the current draft to council so we can be prepared to discuss it then. This draft does not reflect additional input of the BC and IPC -- if this is provided prior to the meeting, I'll be happy to forward it to the council.
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