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Thanks Glen!
...and what is the status of the FRN-DT I asked about (see below)?
Fake Renewal Notices Drafting Team (FRN-DT)
Chair:Mike O’Connor
Staff:M. Konings
The GNSO Council requested that a small group prepare a request for
information concerning Fake Renewal Notices for the RrSG to help inform
its deliberations on the RAP WG Recommendation on Fake Renewal Notices
(#2).  2011-Oct-06  Oct 2012  RrSG / Mason Cole  At its meeting in July,
the GNSO Council considered the report of the
Fake Renewal Notices DT
t-20jun12-en.pdf>). On the recommendation of the RrSG, a number of
alternative approaches are now being pursued to address this issue,
including working with ICANN Compliance, reaching out to the relevant
local authorities and considering whether it would be appropriate to
address this as part of the RAA negotations. Mason Cole provided a
status updata at the ICANN meeting in Costa Rica to the GNSO Council
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On 15 feb 2013 12:29 "Glen de Saint Géry" <Glen at icann.org> wrote:
> Dear Councillors,
> Ahead of the minutes for the GNSO Council meeting held on 14 February,
> 2013, please find the list of action items arising from discussions
> during the meeting.
> Thank you.
> Kind regards,
> Glen
> Action Item / Request  Entry Date  Target Date  Responsible Council
> Member (if applicable)  Responsible Staff member (if applicable) 
> Additional Notes  StatusAppoint GNSO Council liaison to IRTP D WG 
> 17/01  14 Mar     Marika Konings  Request for volunteers sent to the
> mailing list (28/1) and repeated on
> GNSO Council Call. Volunteers encouraged to come forward.Revise
> response to Fadi: TMCH / Strawman  17/01  21 Feb.  Mason, Zahid,
> Brian, John, Maria  Brian Peck  Further work on Mason’s initial draft
> letter  Brian to send additional IPC comments to the mailing list. All
> to work
> with Mason to finalize draft letter by 21 February.Policy vs
> Implementation  17/01  ongoing  All  Marika Konings  Continue
> discussions on the mailing list and consider potential next
> steps  Paper has now been published for public comment (see
> <https://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/policy-implementation-31
> jan13-en.htm>). GNSO Council to consider whether to submit a joint
> statement to the public comment forum.
> Identify volunteers to participate in the informal organizing
> committee for the policy vs. implementation session in BeijingBoard
> request for GNSO Council advice on second level protections for
> certain IGO names and acronyms  26 Nov  28 Feb   Thomas Rickert  Brian
> Peck     Thomas to send first draft of possible Council response to
> the GNSO
> Council for reviewUpdate on status of implementation of PEDNR
> Recommendations  14/2  21/2     Marika Konings      Circulate action
> items from Amsterdam meeting to mailing list  14/2  14/3  Mason Cole 
> Glen de Saint Gery      Board request for GNSO Council advice on
> “Closed” generic TLDs  2/2  7/3  TBC        Request for Council lead
> to prepare a draft response based on Council
> discussions on 14/2
> Glen de Saint Géry
> GNSO Secretariat
> gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org
> http://gnso.icann.org
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