[council] Action Items arising from the Council leaders/ staff face to face meeting in Amsterdam in January 2013

Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Fri Feb 15 22:27:27 UTC 2013

Dear Councillors,

Action Items arising from the Council leaders/ staff face to face meeting in Amsterdam in January 2013.

Effective operational management of the Council

Action Item #1: Explore ways to improve the communication and interaction between the two houses and the different SO/ACs to allow for greater coordination and better understanding of the issues and agendas of the various actors in the policy process, including exploring the possibility of organizing an intercessional meeting or special session that would be focused on promoting collaboration between Council members.

Action Item #2: With a view to make the launch of Issue Reports - and by extension Policy Development Process (PDPs) - more informed and effective, the existing template that is in the PDP manual should be further promoted by posting it on the GNSO Council web-site. Council members should be strongly encouraged to complete the template prior to tabling their request. Staff should also investigate whether the template could be modified to serve for requests that are not PDP related. This template might encourage stakeholders to elaborate on motivation for their request including their potential goal, consequences, outcome and costs of the policy that they are seeking.

Action Item #3: Encourage Council members to serve as a 'shepherd' who takes 'ownership' of a certain issue and is able to follow up on the discussions and serve as a point of reference for other Council members who may have questions. This would follow a similar model which is currently being used by the ICANN Board. Such a 'shepherd' would also be paired with a member of the ICANN policy staff to ensure that there is additional support available, if needed.

Action Item #4: Wolf-Ulrich was asked to report to the NCPH about this meeting as well as report on the outcome of next weeks meeting to the Council leadership.

Improving work efficiency of new and existing Council members
Action Item #5: Staff to publish modules for GNSO Council input and review by mid-February.

Action item #6: Aim to publish the first draft of the GNSO Council Agenda for the next meeting two weeks in advance of the next meeting.

Workload management

Action item #7: Include links to WG work plans and upcoming milestones in the project list (Policy Staff).


Action Item #8: Provide additional guidance to Constituencies and Stakeholder Groups (SGs) to report on at the beginning of the Wednesday GNSO Council meeting in Beijing

Action Item #9: Reach out to the ccNSO, GAC and ICANN Board to confirm joint meetings in Beijing and already provide them with a list of suggested topics for discussion.

Government Advisory Committee (GAC)

Action Item #10: GNSO Council communication with the GAC ought to be improved, for example by institutionalizing information sharing between the GAC and the GNSO Council. Propose this as a topic for the next GNSO - GAC meeting in Beijing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org

Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat

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