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Thanks David.


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I agree with your proposed approach. I think one of the existing council
members that is currently a member of the SCI be made a formal liaison. 





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Please see the note below from Ron Andruff, Chair of the Standing Committee
on Improvements Implementation.  In general, the responsibility of the SCI
is to provide an on-going capability to review GNSO processes and
particularly to work on improvements where these processes are seen to have


My personal feeling is that we should go for solution 1 suggested by Ron
below.  This could be supplemented by a variation of 2 i.e. that we invite
the Chair &/or VC of the SCI to talk with the Council on specific issues as
and when appropriate.


Currently, Jennifer Wolfe and Wolf-Ulrich Knoben are primary members to the
SCI, Thomas Rickert and Jeff Neuman are alternate members. It seems to make
sense for one of these to become Council Liaison appointed by the Council.


Two questions:


1.     Any objections to this approach?

2.     If not, any volunteers from existing primary members or alternates?








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Subject: SCI Liaison


Dear Jonathan,


Following the recent change of leadership of the Standing Committee on
Improvements Implementation (SCI), with the former Chair being a member of
the GNSO Council, the SCI is now in a situation where neither the Chair or
the Vice-Chair are members of the GNSO Council. At the same time, the SCI is
responsible for reviewing and assessing the effective functioning of
recommendations that came out of the last GNSO review. 


The SCI considers it important to have a direct line of communication with
the GNSO Council as most of the issues under consideration are a result of
GNSO Council requests and SCI recommendations are likely to impact the GNSO
Council operations. As a result, the SCI would like to propose that the GNSO
Council consider appointing a liaison to the SCI. From the SCI's
perspective, such a liaison could be appointed in two different ways: (1) a
'traditional' liaison is appointed by the GNSO Council, i.e. a member of the
GNSO Council is appointed to serve as the liaison to the SCI as described in
the GNSO Working Groups; or (2) the Chair and/or Vice-Chair of the SCI serve
as liaisons to the GNSO Council and are able to participate as observers in
GNSO Council meetings either upon invitation (when issues of relevance are
discussed) or as standing observers. Obviously it is the GNSO Council's
prerogative to decide on the solution that is deemed most appropriate and


We look forward to receiving your feedback in due course.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

Chair SCI



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