[council] Your feedback requested - GNSO Council Development Session in Buenos Aires

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Tue Jul 30 15:24:27 UTC 2013

Thanks John,
The motivation is to get a break with the main meeting and create a new
atmosphere in an attractive new environment.
Hopefully with windows!
On 30 Jul 2013 17:03, <john at crediblecontext.com> wrote:

> Marika, et. al.,
> I don't see the need to pack, unpack and repack for a one-night stand an
> hour from the hotel we will have been in all week, unless, of course, the
> trip puts us an hour closer to the airport.  Our meetings are mostly in
> dimly lighted, windowless, over air-conditioned or over-heated rooms anyway.
> My two Argentine pesos.
> Cheers,
> Berard
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> Subject: [council] Your feedback requested - GNSO Council Development
> Session in Buenos Aires
> From: "Marika Konings" <marika.konings at icann.org>
> Date: 7/30/13 4:50 am
> To: "council at gnso.icann.org" <council at gnso.icann.org>
> Dear All,
> As Jonathan already mentioned in Durban, the GNSO Council has received
> funding under the FY14 Special Community Requests to organise a Council
> Development Session directly after the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires. The
> objective of this meeting is to allow for the Council, including those
> members newly seated in Buenos Aires, to get to know each other better,
> provide information on the functioning and operations of the GNSO Council
> and allow for planning for upcoming projects and activities, with the aim
> to further enhance the co-operation within and effectiveness of the GNSO
> Council.
> We are currently working on the logistics as well as the programme for
> this meeting and plan to keep you up to date on a regular basis with
> regards to the details. For now, we would like to ask you to make sure *to
> reserve Friday 22 November* in your diaries for this meeting (with
> planned departure on Saturday 23 November). Furthermore, we would like your
> input on the logistics for Thursday evening / Friday morning and would like
> to ask you to respond to the following doodle poll: <http://www.doodle.com/uq77rvafpx3cthkb>
> http://www.doodle.com/uq77rvafpx3cthkb (in short, the question is whether
> people prefer to travel to the new venue, approx. 1 hour outside of Buenos
> Aires, on Thursday afternoon/evening or on Friday morning).
> Thanks for your assistance,
> Marika
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