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Am I correct that the Board will be discussing and adopting the BGC's recommendation on the NCSG Reconsideration Request?

As you know, the GNSO has scheduled this item to discuss on our next Council call on the 13th (2 days after the scheduled ICANN Board meeting).  A number of us on the GNSO completely disagree with the rationale that was used to justify the outcome (even if we do not dispute the outcome).  We believe that the BGC's rationale will undermine the entire bottom-up multi-stakeholder model (as in my previous e-mail to the council which I have attached).  

We therefore respectfully ask that the ICANN Board delay any decision on this reconsideration request until it has had time to listen to the GNSO Council and its members on our thoughts about this decision.  I personally believe if the Board adopts this recommendation (more particularly the rationale for the recommendation), the Board will have not officially put the nail in the coffin for the Reconsideration process as an accountability measure, but will have also the multi-stakeholder bottom up model as we know it.

I have included Fadi and Steve (which I have rarely if ever done before) on this e-mail to stress the importance of this issue and plea for the Board to forgo any definitive action on this request until such time that we can be heard.  We also ask whether anyone from the BGC could be available to discuss this issue with us on the GNSO Council call. 

P.S.....I do want to stress that Neustar takes no position as to whether the Trademark Claims plus 50 should or should not be in place as an RPM.  Rather, we strongly disagree with the assumptions and fundamentally-flawed rationale in the BGC's recommendation.

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11 June 2013

Consent Agenda:

 * Approval of Minutes
Main Agenda:

 *  BGC Recommendation on Reconsideration Request 13-3

*  Info Discussion on ALAC Statement on IDN Variants

*  Plural vs. Singular

*  Any Other Business

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