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Jonathan, I’m fine with the letter.

Shouldn’t Fadi be put on cc rather than to the headline?

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Please see attached and included the draft of my letter to the EWG. I think it is timely and important to get this letter done now.

It does reflect that changes have taken place since Beijing but the principal point (and point of principle) remains regarding the risk of GNSO policy work taking place outside of the purview of the Council


I have not been able to locate John Berard’s original suggestion for some reason and, in any event, would appreciate rapid support of this text or suggested improvements.

I can fix minor grammar.  Really what I am after is support that I have effectively captured and communicated the essence of our concerns.








12 June 2013


Mr Jean-Francois Baril, Advisor to the President & CEO, ICANN

Mr. Fadi Chehade, President & CEO, ICANN 


Dear Jean-Francois,


I am writing to you in your capacity as Chair and or Lead Facilitator of the Expert Working Group (EWG) on Directory Services and as requested of me by the GNSO Council.  Specifically, the Council has raised and discussed the relationship of the work of the EWG to any related policy work within the GNSO, as directed and managed by the GNSO Council. 


When the Council met in Beijing, consideration was given to a staff recommendation to delay the work of a Policy Development Process (PDP) pending the outcome of the EWG.  This recommendation has subsequently changed and it is likely that the PDP work (on Transliteration and Translation of Contact Information) will now go ahead in parallel with that of the EWG.  Nevertheless, the concern remains that the potentially substantive work being undertaken (by the EWG) is outside of the purview of the Council and yet may have a significant impact on GNSO participants.


Therefore, the specific point is that I am seeking to make on behalf of the Council is to ascertain your intention and ensure your commitment that the work of the EWG will ultimately be referred back to the GNSO for input and ultimately integration into established PDP processes.  


Whilst the primary objective of writing to you is to clarify the role of the EWG in relation to the GNSO’s policy work, it will also be very helpful to understand your latest perspectives on the milestones and timing of the work of the EWG.


Yours Sincerely,






Jonathan Robinson

Chair, GNSO Council

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