[council] NGPC Progress on Addressing GAC Beijing Advice on New gTLDs

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NGPC Progress on Addressing GAC Beijing Advice on New gTLDs
14 June 2013
The ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) met on 11 June 2013 to discuss the GAC Beijing advice regarding singular and plural versions of the same string as a New gTLD. The discussion followed the NGPC's decision on 4 June 2013 to accept the GAC's advice to consider this issue. The NGPC made considerable progress toward reaching consensus on a way forward and expects to reach a conclusion at its 25 June 2013 meeting.
The NGPC also considered how it might respond to the ALAC Statement on IDN Variants. Finally, it began in-depth discussion of the GAC's Safeguard Advice applicable to all strings.
The next two meetings of the NGPC on 18 and 25 June 2013 will focus on items within the GAC's Annex 1 Safeguard advice. Below please find an updated NGPC work plan:


Start Date

Compl. Date



Publish GAC Communiqué to solicit input on how the New gTLD Board Committee should address GAC advice regarding safeguards applicable to broad categories of New gTLD strings


23 April



Public comment period on how NGPC should address GAC Advice re: Safeguards


23 April

Comment 14 May; Reply 4 June



Summarize and analyze public comments on GAC Advice re: Safeguards


5 June

12 June



Meeting to review and consider staff proposals for addressing overarching Safeguard advice (Annex 1, 1-6) and Restricted & Exclusive Registry policies (Category 2)


18 June

Not Started


Meeting to review and consider staff proposals on Category 1, Items 1-5, and Singular vs. Plural


25 June

Not Started

The New gTLD evaluation and objection processes remains on track while the NGPC continues its deliberations. The NGPC is prioritizing its work in order to allow the greatest number of applications to move forward as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates on the NGPC's progress in responding to the GAC Beijing Advice.

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GNSO Secretariat
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